Company Information

NTS operates since more than 30 years in the field of manufacturing, development and resale of scientific and laboratory equipment.

The company has currently three branches:

the US Branch, NTS America, with offices in New York; NTS International with its main offices in Rome, Italy; and a planned third branch for its Arabic speaking customers, focused on the oil industry, planned in 2024.

NTS is the  exclusive distributor in many countries in the world of the Iatroscan TLC-FID analyzer.

NTS developed in 2010 the first dedicated software for TLC-FID.

NTS developed and manufactured the first touchscreen Geiger Counter in 2011.

In 2012 NTS developed the first touchscreen precision spotting system for TLC-FID.

NTS is the manufaturer of other real-time analyzers for the control of the pollution
in the enviroment, such as the Aquascan Real Time Analyzer for water pollution.

NTS is the exclusive distributor in North America, South America and many European
countries of the MVS2PRO, the first and only automatic plastic density analyzer in the world. 

Since 2021 NTS is providing a wide range of gas generators for laboratory analysis worldwide.

NTS is currently focused on developing NIR (Near Infrared) real time and laboratory analysis
for the enviromental and petroleum industry.

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